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Welcome to  my site.

Hi my name is Liam Jenkins, I started photography only 3 months ago (May '11) and whilst still very much an amature I want a site that can reflect on my progress and benefit those wishing to find something that they can connect with.

A peaceful hut in the oriental section of the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.

I aim to keep this site up to date and as time and equipment improve I will be able to post high quality stock photos for future use by those who would potentially wish to purchase them.

This is also the first website I have ever set up, so if there is anything you feel that could be done to improve the site, let me know by contacting me by email. Thank you and hope you enjoy the site.

What I have discovered and enjoyed about photography so far, is the amount of peace and time spent on it can reward you with a moment in time that goes beyond just the picture, the ability to tap in to how your feeling and it's translation into the shot.

All these pictures have a significant meaning to me, from the first shot I ever took, to the stage I am at just now. My future shots will be displayed in the Picture Gallery.

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The link below will take you to a site where you can choose to purchase some of my prints in a variety of ways such as greeting cards, postcards, laminate and framed.


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